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Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins: Southern Plantation Bed and Breakfast

There is more than meets the eye at the Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins. Gorgeous bed and breakfast, pecans, homemade fudge, quilts…they do it all.

This morning, I had a conversation with one of the nicest people with whom I’ve ever talked – Billy Wilchman from the Charlotte Teresa Plantation. I contacted Mr. Wilchman to ask him a few questions for my article about Plantations in Arkansas and we ended up having a great conversation about everything that’s going on at the Charlotte Teresa.

However, I learned more than I had bargained for!

The Charlotte Teresa Plantation is more than just a beautiful bed and breakfast nestled in the middle of a picturesque pecan grove. There are many sides to this plantation and the wonderful family that owns it that makes it a unique destination in Arkansas.

The Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins Arkansas
The Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins, Arkansas

About the Charlotte Teresa Plantation

On my call with Billy, I learned that he is a former nurse and his wife, Charlotte, was a respiratory therapist. Previously, they lived in Cleveland, Arkansas and worked on their chicken farm while also practicing in the medical field.

They spent years driving between their chicken farm in Cleveland and the pecan farm in Atkins. For those of you who don’t know, that’s an hour’s drive.

After years of doing this, they decided to go all in at the pecan orchard and build a beautiful plantation home that would also serve as a bed and breakfast.

Charlotte Teresa Plantation Bed and Breakfast in Atkins, Arkansas

Billy and Charlotte Wilchman are people of many talents and there is more to them than meets the eye.

In fact, they were named the 2015 Arkansas Farm Family of the Year by Farm Bureau Arkansas for their production of pecans, poultry, beef cattle, fresh water prawn (shrimp), tomatoes and peppers.

“Agriculture is the backbone of our state. These farm families are a part of a wonderful legacy and industry that helps provide food, fiber and fuel for a growing population, which we should never take for granted. This is something we continue to recognize and appreciate not only now, but throughout the year.” -source

These days, they have focused their interests to raising only pecans and muscadines. And, if you’ve never had an Arkansas muscadine, you haven’t lived!

Charlotte Teresa Bed and Breakfast

As soon as you turn onto the Wilchman’s driveway, you will know you have found the right place. Rows and rows of beautiful pecan trees line the driveway and guide you toward your restful retreat.

When you reach the end of the driveway, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful plantation home and two gracious hosts. You can ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing…Billy and Charlotte display Southern hospitality at it’s best.

Trust me. I asked everyone I know.

A beautiful drive to the Charlotte Teresa Plantation
A beautiful drive to the Charlotte Teresa Plantation

The Wilchmans built the 13,000 sq. ft. plantation home in 2017 with the idea that they would make it one of the best bed and breakfasts in Arkansas. And they have succeeded. Just a quick look at their AirBnB reviews proves that a stay at the Charlotte Teresa Plantation is an experience you’ll never forget.

The plantation home sits on 300 acres in the Arkansas River Valley and is surrounded by over 6000 pecan trees.

This plantation home features 5 rooms for guests that all have their own bathrooms and living area. You won’t have to share a bathroom with any other guests!

The beautiful stair railing makes this home feel elegant
The beautiful stair railing makes this home feel elegant

In the morning, you will be greeted by coffee, a delicious home-cooked breakfast, and a cheerful hostess.

Be sure to take a stroll through the pecan orchard before you depart!

PawPaw’s Pecans

Sixteen years ago, Billy planted his first pecan tree. Since then, the pecan orchard has grown tremendously and now you will find thousands of beautiful pecan trees planted in rows around the bed and breakfast.

“Paw Paw’s Pecans is a family-owned and operated business where we see the pecans from the tree to the shelling machine.” -source

Billy’s website says, “If you find pecans any fresher, they will still be on the tree.”

The plantation home nestled in the pecan groves.
The plantation home nestled in the pecan groves.

But, it’s not just raw pecans that you’ll find at the Charlotte Teresa plantation. PawPaw’s Pecans also makes chocolate pecans, roasted salted pecans, candied pecans, pecan oil and beautiful gift baskets! -source

You can buy PawPaw’s Pecans right from the plantation and you can often find them in small local stores in the area.

Quilt Shop and Retreats

The Charlotte Teresa Plantation is also known for it’s quilt shop and quilting retreats.

If you’re a quilter, then you know how much fun a quilting retreat can be. Just imagine rows of long tables set up in a beautiful room, quilt fabric everywhere, laughter and good conversation filling the room and fudge!

What’s a quilting retreat without fudge?

inside the Charlotte Teresa Plantation home in Atkins Arkansas

Charlotte makes custom quilts for folks who order them or you can buy one of her already-made quilts directly from the plantation.

A handmade quilt is the perfect addition to any home.

Harvest Host

Here’s a unique concept that I have been interested in for years: Harvest Host.

Wineries, farms and plantations can sign up on the Harvest Host website to host travelers and their RVs.

Billy said that someone mentioned that the plantation should be a Harvest Host and he decided to give it a try. Travelers have shown up every night since then.

If you’re passing through the area and need an overnight stay, the Charlotte Teresa Plantation is the perfect stop for rest, relaxation, and recharge before you hit the road again.

There is no charge to stay at the plantation through Harvest Host. All you have to do is sign up on the Harvest Host website.

However, it’s a Southern custom to always make a purchase at the gift shop to show your appreciation to the hosts.

Note: Most Harvest Hosts don’t provide water and electric hookups to travelers and that is true at the Charlotte Teresa Plantation as well. You must be fully self-contained in your RV as you will be “dry camping.”

But what a beautiful camping experience it is! You get to park among the pecan trees and enjoy all the beauty that the plantation has to offer.

Can’t you just imagine how wonderful it would be to take a stroll through the trees on a fall day with your morning coffee?

Gift Shop

While staying at the Charlotte Teresa Plantation or just stopping by, you won’t want to miss their gift shop.

They sell one-of-a-kind items like homemade quilts, delicious homemade fudge, and those famous PawPaw’s Pecans!

upstairs in the Charlotte Teresa Plantation

Homemade Fudge

Currently, the Wilchmans are making 100 pounds of fudge each week on the plantation to satisfy their hungry customers.

Their fudge makes the perfect gift or a snack for you to keep for yourself!

Tours complete with a Civil War uniform

The Charlotte Teresa Plantation offers tours of their home and farm for free! Of course, you will definitely want to purchase one of their amazing items from the gift shop while you’re there just to say thanks and because everything they sell is irresistible!

Charlotte Teresa Plantation in the snow.
I wouldn’t mind being snowed in here!

As an added bonus, Billy will often wear a Civil War uniform during the tour that makes you feel like you’re on a plantation in a different time.

Beautiful Arkansas Plantation: The Charlotte Teresa Plantation

I hope you’ll consider the Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins the next time you have an event or you simply want a weekend to relax.

These folks are one-of-a-kind. We’re proud of this plantation. This is what Arkansas is truly about.

You will find the Charlotte Teresa Plantation here:
131 Alldon Marie Rd, Atkins, AR 72823

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