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5 Arkansas Plantation Homes & Tours- History and Beauty

Arkansas is home to several beautiful plantation homes that are perfect places for weddings or just a walk through history.

My first experience with a plantation home was the summer after college. A friend and I decided that we would pool together the few dollars that we had and go on a mini-vacation celebrating our recent graduation.

We got the crazy idea that we wanted to go to Pawleys Island South Carolina from a book that we both loved at the time. The characters in that book went to Pawleys Island for a beach vacation and we wanted to see it for ourselves.

It was just as wonderful in person as it was reading about it in the book.

We experienced several things on that trip that were unique and fun.

First, we made sure we were always at the continental breakfast in the mornings because we could not afford to go out to eat. We also brought as many muffins back to our room for later as we could. We were fresh out of college and unemployed. We had a hilarious time thinking of creative ways to “smuggle muffins.”

Second, thanks to my grandmother’s charitable donation, we were able to ride horses on the beach.

And last but not least, we visited a historic plantation in South Carolina. I don’t remember the name of it or even what they grew. I just remember how majestic it looked. The driveway that led to the front of the home was lined with huge trees that had Spanish moss hanging from them.

In Arkansas, we also have beautiful plantation homes. Though different than the plantation homes in South Carolina with their Spanish moss, Arkansas plantation homes are rich in history.

Arkansas Plantation Homes and Tours

Pack you things and let’s take a trip to these beautiful plantation homes in Arkansas.

1. Marlsgate Plantation – Scott

Marlsgate Plantation (also known as The Dortch Plantation) is one of the most known plantations in Arkansas.

“Built in 1904, the Dortch House was designed by Arkansas architect Charles L. Thompson. It was described as one of the finest private residences in Arkansas. The Dortch House has a Neoclassical, Greek Revival design. It features 30 rooms in a total of eleven thousand square feet of living space.” -source

The plantation property was a wedding gift to Mr. and Mrs. Dortch by Mrs Dortch’s parents. The original property totaled 1,600 acres and was eventually expanded to over 7,000 acres. The plantation grew cotton, corn, rice and soybeans .

“Famed as one of the most resplendent plantation homes built in the Arkansas Delta, Marlsgate’s fine detail begins with brick Doric columns over forty feet in height and continues inside with original beveled glass windows, sliding oak doors, handcrafted woodwork, Carrara marble fireplaces, and sculpted metal ceilings throughout the mansion. White oak floors were installed over an inch thick layer of horsehair insulation. The mansion was constructed with thirty-two rooms and contains eleven-thousand square feet of living space.” -source

Today, Marlsgate Plantation is a popular place for weddings, portrait bridal sessions, private garden luncheons and more .

You’ll find Marlsgate Plantation here:
2695 Bearskin Lake Road
Scott, Arkansas 72142

2. Scott Plantation Settlement – Scott

The Scott Plantation settlement provides a different view of plantation life in Arkansas. The land and buildings have been generously donated and are “Preserving the past, educating the future.”

The big house at the Scott Plantation settlement may not be the plantation home you have in mind. It was originally part of the Dortch’s first home. Then they upgraded to Marlsgate in 1905

“Guided outdoor walking tours Thurs.-Sun.; group tours by reservation only; a Civil War interpretive sign explains the Battle of Ashley’s Mill, part of the Little Rock Campaign conducted by Union General Frederick Steele that led to the fall of Little Rock in 1863.” -source

You’’ll find Scott Plantation Settlement here:
15525 Alexander Road, Scott, AR, 72142

3. Lakeport Plantation – Lake Village

The Lakeport Plantation house is a beautiful antebellum home near Lake Village, AR that offers tours! This home is owned and maintained by Arkansas State University.

Lakeport Plantation Home in Arkansas
Lakeport Plantation Home in Arkansas. Photo credit: Jeff Noble/Creative Commons

“The Lakeport Plantation house, built in 1859 on the Mississippi River in Chicot County, Arkansas, is a gem in the Delta. Having escaped extensive remodeling in the 20th Century, Lakeport retains many of its original architectural features. Preserved and restored by Arkansas State University, the National Register, Greek Revival home is one of Arkansas’s premiere historic structures. Today, the plantation’s stories of slavery, sharecropping, and the Johnson family are told in the house and grounds through guided tours and our AASLH award-winning exhibits. -source

 Lakeport Plantation Home in Arkansas
Lakeport Plantation Home in Arkansas. Photo credit: Jeff Noble/Creative Commons

You’ll find Lakeport Plantation here:
601 Highway 142 Lake Village, AR 71653

4. Elms Plantation – Altheimer

Built in 1866 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Elms Plantation is now a desired location for duck hunters.

“Our sprawling property, lodges and waterfowl hunting fields offers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for duck hunters looking for something different. Providing first-class wing shooting in a timeless atmosphere, The Elms is the perfect place for family, friends, and business hunting retreats. Positioned in the heart of Arkansas’ Duck Country, our wetlands and flooded grain fields draw vast numbers of migrating waterfowl from not only the Mississippi Flyway, but also the Central Flyway as a result of the Arkansas River.” -source

The Elms Plantation historic home was built In 1866, just after the Civil War had ended. It still stands today as a symbol of strength and beauty.

You will find Elms Plantation here
400 W. Elm Plantation Rd., Altheimer, AR 72004

While you’re visiting these beautiful Arkansas plantation homes, be sure to check a few things off your EPIC Arkansas Bucket List!

5. Charlotte Teresa Plantation – Atkins

The Charlotte Teresa Plantation is unlike any other in Arkansas. What makes it unique is that it was newly built in 2017 but it has the look and feel of a historic Plantation.

Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins Arkansas
Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins

What also sets the Charlotte Teresa Plantation apart from all the others are the rows and rows of pecan trees. This Plantation is home to over 5,000 pecan trees.

Charlotte Teresa Plantation entry in Atkins Arkansas
Charlotte Teresa Plantation entry in Atkins

This Plantation serves as a beautiful wedding venue, bridal portrait location, and a relaxing bed and breakfast getaway .

Charlotte Teresa Plantation aerial in Atkins Arkansas
Charlotte Teresa Plantation in Atkins

You will find the Charlotte Teresa Plantation here:
131 Alldon Marie Rd, Atkins, AR 72823

Plantation Homes in Arkansas

The next time you have an event to plan or want to take a walk through history, you will know exactly where to go. These plantation homes in Arkansas are sure to please!

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