camping gear 7x14 cargo trailer conversion

Favorite Camping Gear for Our 7×14 Cargo Trailer Conversion

Here is a list of all our camping gear that we use in our 7×14 Cargo Trailer Conversion.

We use a lot of different gear. Some of it we like and some of it we love. I have written reviews for all of them here so you can get the full scoop.

These products have been well tested and chosen carefully. Our cargo trailer conversion is the best camper we have ever owned and we want everything to be perfect.

7x14 cargo trailer conversion
Our cargo trailer conversion so far

We never choose products lightly and we most certainly didn’t for this project!

This will be a constantly growing list so check back often!

Water Storage Containers

I love these water storage containers. They hold 7 gallons and they are extremely durable.

The square design also makes them very sturdy when perched on top of your picnic table.

Reliance Aqua-Tainer Water Storage

Read my review here:
[REVIEW] Reliance Aqua-Tainer Water Storage Container 7 Gallon

Portable Camp Shower

The Reliance Portable Shower is a life-saver when you’re camping away from a shower house or you don’t want to load up your whole crew to make the trek to the shower house.

Reliance Flow Pro Portable Camp Shower

Read my full review here:
[REVIEW] Reliance Flow Pro Portable Shower

Best Camp Fork

Coghlan’s Camp Fork is the best camp fork on the market. I mean it.

It’s sturdy and built to last. I wouldn’t roast my hot dogs on anything else! Once you try these, you’ll never go back to those flimsy, telescoping camp forks again.

coghlans camp fork well used

[HONEST REVIEW] Coghlan’s Camp Fork

Favorite Camping Logbook

If you want to record your adventures, remember your favorite campsite or make a note of the best sights along the way, this is the book you need.

I bought this book for my husband not knowing if I would like it or not. It’s FABULOUS!

camping logbook review

[REVIEW] The camping logbook: record your adventures

Best Pop-Up Tent

If you need an instant pop-up tent for showers or your camp potty, you’ll like the Gigatent. Ours is well tested through storms and five people using it!

gigatent portable pop up pod review

[Review] Gigatent Portable Pop-Up Pod

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