[REVIEW] Textured Rock Climbing Holds for Kids by Crystal Lemon

[REVIEW] Textured Rock Climbing Holds for Kids by Crystal Lemon

We have a 7×14 cargo trailer conversion and, while we were building it, we were looking for a fun way for our kids to get up on the bunks when we’re camping. That’s when we found these climbing rock holds.

Our children love to climb on them! We positioned each hold and tried to make them perfect.

Textured Rock Climbing Holds for Kids Specs

  • 10 Pieces Gripping Climbing Holds – Sturdy and easy to install climbing holds for kids, ensure safe stable rock climbing for the active tyke on the go.
  • Simply Installed – Each climbing hold comes equipped with the appropriate screws and fasteners for easy indoor climbing for kids.
  • Durability that Lasts – Produced to the utmost quality, these holders are UV resistant and free of brittle materials.
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Where can the rock climbing holds be used?

Besides in a camper, you can also use these in your children’s rooms. Some people just screw the rock climbing holds to a board then screw the board to a wall to give their children something to climb on.

Other people use them for bunks in their children’s rooms or even in an outdoor play space!

Do the rock climbing holds hurt when you climb on them?

You wouldn’t want to do it in your bare feet. Even with socks on they feel a little “pokey” at first, but after a few times of climbing, they feel great!

You could climb on them with shoes on and you wouldn’t feel it at all but it’s a lot harder.

I recommend you just do it with socks on.

Are the rock climbing holds sturdy?

The rock climbing holds are very sturdy as long as you screw them in tight.

I looked online for a weight limit on them but couldn’t find one. I would be totally comfortable with using them myself. They are so sturdy!

Rock Climbing Holds by Crystal Lemon

What are they made of? 

Amazon says they are made of “Polypropylene (PP), one of the commercial plastics.”

Do the climbing rock holds come with bolts?

Yes, the climbing rock holds come with two bolts and two washers for each Rock hold. I recommend you use the ones that they come with.

What size board do I bolt the climbing rocks to?

You are supposed to use a 1-inch board but we used a 2 inch board for sturdiness.

We used a paddle bit and drilled the holes one inch deep in the 2-in board. Then screwed the rock climbing holds to that with the two bolts and two washers for each one that they came with.

So, you don’t have to use a 2-inch board. A 1-inch board does just great! Just make sure you screw it in real tight.

Can I use my climbing rock holds outdoors?

Yes, when we looked at the reviews a lot of people use them for playgrounds outdoors in their own backyards. They are also rain proof.

You can use them indoors as well. It works awesomely! Whether you do it indoors or outdoors, your kids are going to have a lot of fun!

How many rock climbing holds are in one pack?

There are 10 individual rock climbing holds in one pack. Two of each color.

  • 2 blue
  • 2 orange
  • 2 green
  • 2 red
  • 2 yellow

They look so colorful in our cargo trailer conversion.

One time when we were camping, a child from the campsite next door came over and told us that she loved our rock climbing holds! And I must admit they do look awesome.

Why I like the rock climbing holds

They’re pretty, colorful, fun, and the best way for my children to get up on their bunks in our camper! They are on the top of my list of my favorite camping gear.

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