[REVIEW] Reliance Flow Pro Portable Shower

[REVIEW] Reliance Flow Pro Portable Shower

Aside from my Reliance Aqua-Tainer Water Containers, my Reliance Flow Pro Pressurized Portable Shower is one of my favorite gadgets to take camping

Recently, we planned a last minute camping trip to the lake. The plan was to stay gone for a week and right before we left, we noticed that temperatures were going to be near 100° F with the heat index even higher.

Not to mention, the best campsites at the lake do not have a water spigot at the site. This means that we would have to haul water from the community spigot for drinking and walk to the shower house every night.

Since we are a family of five, it’s a big deal to take a trip to the shower house. I wanted an easy way for all of us to take quick showers without having to pack up all of our gear and make the uphill trek to the showers.

I decided to get a portable shower to solve this problem and, after much research, I decided on the Reliance Flow Pro Pressurized Portable Shower.

My Reliance Flow Pro Portable Shower
My Reliance Flow Pro Portable Shower

Today I want to talk about:

  • Why a pump shower is the best option
  • Features of the Reliance Portable Shower
  • Why a pump shower is the best option
  • Length of the hose
  • how the continuous spray option works

You will find many different portable camping showers on the market. As I was looking, I found a lot of rechargeable or battery operated showers. Being the minimalist that I am, I didn’t like any of these options.

I didn’t want to have to recharge my shower or wonder if my battery was dead. I wanted to keep it simple and just pump it manually.

It took me a little while of digging online to find this Reliance Flow Pro Shower but I’m glad I finally did!

Why get a reliance flow pro pressurized portable shower?

I like the Reliance Portable Shower because it holds 2 gallons of water. I found that that is more than enough water for me to take a shower and wash my long hair. In fact, there was always enough water left over to give one of the kids a shower before I had to refill.

Reliance Portable Shower Box
Reliance Portable Shower Box

Also, surprisingly, the black, neoprene zip-up cover heats up the water to a comfortable temperature that makes the shower quite pleasant!

Features of the reliance flow pro portable shower

This portable shower:

  • holds 2 gallons of water
  • has a nice sized hand pump on the top
  • a large opening to refill
  • thick neoprene zip-up cover on the outside
  • strap to carry the portable shower on your shoulder
  • a pressure release valve
  • continuous spray option with a trigger shower head
  • long enough hose that you can sit the shower on the ground and still wash your hair

How long is the hose on the portable shower?

I completely stretched out the hose on the portable shower and it is about 6 ft 8 in long.

The hose connects on top of the shower so that gives you about an extra foot of length.

In total, the shower head could reach about 7.5 ft off the ground.

How does the continuous spray option work?

Shockingly, after a week-long camping trip I didn’t even know this portable shower had a continuous spray option until I read the box!

Portable Shower Continuous Spray Option
Portable Shower Continuous Spray Option

As it turns out, to use the continuous spray option, just flip the trigger up instead of pressing down.

How well does the reliance flow pro spray?

As soon as I received my portable shower in the mail, I immediately filled it up with water to give it a try. And honestly, I was disappointed. I was expecting it to shoot similar to my kitchen sink spray nozzle.

That’s not what happens.

If you pump up the portable shower fully then press the trigger on the shower head, the shower of water will come out a few inches and then start angling to the ground.

It does not shoot as far as I expected.

Reliance Portable Shower Spray Volume
Reliance Portable Shower Spray Volume

However, it is not a water hose so I’m not sure why I was expecting that anyway!

To use it as a shower, you simply have to hold the shower head closer to your body. And if you want to wash your hair, hold the shower head directly over the top of your head so that the shower of water can fall straight down.

Is the reliance flow pro outdoor shower made in canada?

I have read some reviews online that claimed that this product is made in Canada. However, I have had a difficult time finding reliable documentation that supports that.

The box says that it is made from recyclable material. It also states that this portable shower is “assembled and printed in china.” I don’t know what exactly that means but the reliance website only claims to design their products in Canada.

Reliance Portable Shower
Reliance Portable Shower

I reached out to the company regarding my Reliance Aqua-Tainer water storage containers and their response was that the 7 gallon Aqua-Tainer is manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I emailed them back to also inquire about the pressurized portable shower. Here is their response:

It’s true for most Reliance Products and certainly the containers. The Flow-Pro is not manufactured here. We are a Distributor and have it imported.

How much does the reliance flow pro shower cost?

I bought my portable pump shower for $29.99 from my local Walmart.

A quick Amazon search showed that they are selling the exact same portable shower for $59.99. It’s definitely a better buy from Walmart.

Customer reviews of the flow pro shower

On Amazon, this portable shower has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating. Most people claim that it is a must for road trips, camping and everyday adventures like hiking.

We found it most helpful to wash our feet after playing in the lake and walking around the campground. It’s also great to spray yourself on summer days when you’re outside doing yard work!

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