little golden gate bridge in arkansas. photo by ardot

The Little Golden Gate Bridge in Arkansas is Hollywood Worthy

Deep in the Ozark Mountains in the small town of beaver is something quite beautiful: the Little Golden Gate Bridge of Arkansas.

You never know what you might find while traveling the backgrounds of Arkansas. And the small town of Beaver, Arkansas is holding a big secret.

“Beaver is a town in Carroll County, Arkansas, United States. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 100. The community is located on the White River at the western limits of Table Rock Lake deep in the Ozark Mountains.” -source

This beautiful town is home to the Little Golden Gate Bridge (or Golden Gate of the Ozarks) in Arkansas. Officially known as “Beaver Bridge” this beautiful bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Little Golden Gate Bridge in Beaver Arkansas
Little Golden Gate Bridge in Beaver Arkansas. Jay Stout/Creative Commons

The Little Golden Gate Bridge is a two-panel, single lane, wooden and wire-cable suspension bridge over the White River in extreme northern Arkansas.

The Little Golden Gate Bridge, or “Beaver Bridge”, was featured in the 2005 film Elizabethtown starring Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Alec Baldwin, and Susan Sarandon. Though the setting of the film is supposed to be in Kentucky, this picturesque bridge in Arkansas could not be resisted.

Remarkably, the Beaver Bridge is still open to vehicular traffic! This historic bridge is rated for a 10 ton capacity. The bridge also has a height restriction of 11.5 feet.

Little Golden Gate Bridge in Arkansas. Also known as the Beaver Bridge.

Our “Golden Gate of the Ozarks” suspension bridge is the last one in Arkansas open to vehicular traffic and is referred to as “the bridge to nostalgia.”source

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History of the Beaver Bridge

The Beaver Bridge was built in 1949 by the Pioneer Construction Company of Malvern.

“The construction foreman who led the project was M.R. Blair (1914-2014), who later served as lead foreman on numerous bridge and highway projects across Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee, and who led the construction of numerous dams, highways and bridges throughout the southwestern United States, including the 1964 Big I interchange of Interstates 25 and 40 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.” -source

image of the beaver bridge or little golden gate bridge in akansas
The Beaver Bridge is a one lane, wooden bridge. Arkansas Highways/Creative Commons

Although the bridge was bid on December 19, 1947, the completion was delayed until 1949. Since the construction of Table Rock Dam was taking place at the same time, the Army Corp of Engineers required the bridge to be raised 40 feet.

Things to Do Near The Little Golden Gate Bridge of Arkansas

Near Beaver, you will find one of the BEST zoos in Arkansas. Turpentine Creek is a “Big Cat” rehabilitation park where you can see lions, cougars, tigers and more.

Some of the best trout fishing in Arkansas happens in the White River that is adjacent to the town of Beaver.

Only 10 minutes from Beaver, you will find many amazing things to do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Known for it’s hillside buildings and unmatched charm, Eureka Springs is the perfect place to shop, eat and stay.

road view of Little Golden Gate Bridge in Beaver, Arkansas
Little Golden Gate Bridge in Beaver, Arkansas. Lisa Jacobs/Creative Commons

A short 30-minute drive will lead you to fun things to do in Bentonville, AR.

Near Beaver is also the former home of Dinosaur World. Yes, giant dinosaurs can be found deep in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas!

Camping Near Beaver & the Little Golden Gate Bridge

Beaver is home to one of the BEST campgrounds in Northwest Arkansas which is also one of the BEST places to camp near Eureka Springs.

The Beaver RV Park, with its 31 RV pads and 9 tent sites is nestled among 100 year old trees on the banks of the western most tip of Table Rock Lake. The picturesque bluff rims the sunrise in the morning and captures the best of moonlit nights.source

Directions to The Little Golden Gate Bridge of Arkansas

Finding Beaver Arkansas and The Little Golden Gate Bridge is a fairly simple task. In your GPS, simply enter “Beaver, Arkansas.” The directions are simple and straight forward.

Or…head to Ark. 187 East, Beaver, AR 72613

Please remember that if your vehicle, RV or camper exceeds 10 tons and 11.5 inches in height, you cannot cross the bridge.

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