where are the ozarks

Where are the Ozarks?

The Ozarks is a large mountain range that is mostly located in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois can claim part ownership of the Ozarks Mountains but not much.

Where are the Ozark mountains - Pam's Grotto in the Ozarks
Pam’s Grotto. Photo Credit: TROVE1

In fact, the Ozark Mountains cover 47,000 square miles and only 55 square miles of them are in Kansas.

At 33,000 square miles, the majority of the Ozarks are located in Southern Missouri. (source)

However, here in Arkansas, the Ozark mountains are a huge playground for us. There are 13,000 square miles of Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and we play in every inch.

Ozark mountains in square miles by state

Folks have enjoyed this area for many, many years. In fact, the Ozarks were once home to quite a few outlaw hideouts by the likes of Jesse James, Pretty Boy Floyd and others.

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