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Is Arkansas a Homeschool Friendly State?

Many people looking into moving to The Natural State or starting a homeschool journey want to know if Arkansas is a homeschool friendly state.

The answer is yes.

Arkansas is a homeschool friendly state. The only requirement is that you submit your Notice of Intent to homeschool each year.

You can plan your own curriculum, set your own schedule, and move at your own pace.

There is a huge community of homeschoolers in Arkansas. It is not difficult to find co-ops to join, special classes to take, and friends to play with. 

Arkansas is a homeschool friendly state

Homeschool parents regularly schedule playdates and field trips together. These can be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to connect with other homeschoolers in the state. 

fun Homeschool classes in Arkansas

These are  are a few of the activities I have seen advertised in Arkansas recently for homeschoolers.:

About Arkansas’s Notice of Intent to Homeschool

Arkansas law requires parents who wish to home school their children to file a Notice of Intent (NOI) to home school with their local school superintendent by August 15th of each year. After this deadline, unless waived by the superintendent or local school district board, the public school may require a 14-day waiting period before releasing a student to be home schooled. -source

Get the form here: Notice of Intent to Homeschool

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