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3 Days in Fairfield Bay – Fun Things to Do

There are endless things to do in the resort community of Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. Putt Putt, swimming pool, lake, ATV trails…they have it all!

Recently, we took a mini vacation to Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. I have heard of this town for many years but I had never experienced it for myself.

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains and situated on the north shores of the pristine Greers Ferry Lake, Fairfield Bay offers natural beauty and an active, outdoor lifestyle.


The best part about Fairfield Bay is that you can pack many awesome things to do into one fun-filled weekend if that’s all you have time for.

If you have more than a weekend, you can take things a little slower.

If you only have 3 days in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, here is everything you need to know.

Things to Do in 3 Days in Fairfield Bay

Day 1

Check in at Your Condo on Chelsea Drive

We have enjoyed yurts in Arkansas, cabins at Lindsey’s Resort on the Little Red River, amazing Arkansas camping, and much more but the condo we rented at Fairfield Bay was a delightful surprise!

Yoder's Retreat condo at Fairfield Bay Arkansas
Yoder’s Getaway #2

I didn’t look at pictures of the condo online before we went so I didn’t know what to expect.

fairfield bay condo living room

However, this condo was beautiful, close to everything, and perfect for a family.

Yoders Retreat condo on Chelsea Drive in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas
Master bedroom at Yoder’s Getaway #2

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Go Swimming in the Lake

After check in to your condo and drop of all your bags, it’s time to go swimming in the lake!

Fairfield Bay sits on the shores of Greers Ferry Lake.

Fairfield bay swimming area
Fairfield Bay swimming area

The resort only has one swimming area and it’s located in the campground.

The biggest perk is the view!

Make Smores in the Oven

After a long afternoon and evening of swimming, you can go back to your condo, shower, and settle in for a relaxing night.

However, before it’s “light’s out,” pop a few smores in the oven for a quick treat!

Day 2

Hike the Indian Rock Cave Trail

The Indian Rock Cave Trail (also known as the Indian Rock House or Edgemont Shelter) is a short hike with big rewards.

Indian Rock Cave trailhead at Fairfield Bay, Arkansas
Indian Rock Cave trailhead

Hiking this trail is one of the best things to do at Fairfield Bay because of the history and magnitude that awaits at the end.

indian rock house cave - edgemont shelter arkansas
Indian Rock House Cave in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

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Go Swimming at the Cool Pool

After the hike/walk to the Indian Rock House Cave, there’s no better place to cool off than at the Cool Pool!

The "Cool Pool" on Chelsea Drive, Fairfield Bay Arkansas
The “Cool Pool” on Chelsea Drive, Fairfield Bay Arkansas

The Cool Pool is in walking distance from the condos on Chelsea Drive.

Kiddie Pool at the "Cool Pool"
Kiddie Pool at the “Cool Pool”

There is even a great kiddie pool that is only 2 feet deep and it has waterfalls and fountains!

Play Putt Putt in the Evening

Fairfield Bay has one of the best miniature golf courses I have ever played.

Putt Putt course at Fairfield Bay Resort
Putt Putt course at Fairfield Bay Resort

It’s new, beautiful, and creative! Just watch out for those water features. They are tricky!

Water features at the Putt Putt course in fairfield bay arkansas
Water features at the Putt Putt course

Day 3

Morning Swim at the Cool Pool

Before check out, take a quick walk over to the Cool Pool and enjoy a morning swim.

Cool Pool in the morning
Cool Pool in the morning

The pool is less crowded in the morning and the views are amazing!

Take the Pontoon Shuttle to Sugar Loaf Island

After you check out of your condo, head on over to the marina and take the pontoon shuttle over to Sugar Loaf Island.

Pontoon shuttle to Sugar Loaf on Greers Ferry Lake
Pontoon shuttle to Sugar Loaf

It’s a fun shuttle ride with an exciting destination!

The shuttle runs at 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, and 4:00.

Hike Up Sugar Loaf

Once you reach Sugar Loaf Island, hike to the top!

Sugar Loaf Mountain Recreational Trail
Sugar Loaf Mountain Recreational Trail

It takes most people one hour to hike up and one hour to hike down to catch the shuttle back to the marina.

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Enjoy the Fish Feeding Frenzy at the Marina

The fish feeding frenzy at the Fairfield Bay Marina is a crazy experience.

Fish feeding area at the Fairfield Bay Marina
Fish feeding area at the Fairfield Bay Marina

The fish are huge and even turtles try to get in on the action!

fish feeding frenzy at Fairfield Bay Marina

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Picnic and Swim at the Lake

Before you end your weekend at Fairfield Bay, have one last picnic and swim at the lake.

Fairfield Bay Arkansas swimming area
Fairfield Bay swimming area

Drive Home

On the drive home, it’s always fun to talk about your trip and all the great experiences you had.

One thing is for sure, you’ll have plenty of fun memories to talk about after leaving Fairfield Bay!

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