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Mid-America Science Museum Review (Hot Springs, AR)

The Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, AR should have been named the Mid America Science Creative Center (or something like that). When I think of a museum, I think of a place with old artifacts and stuffy air. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good museum but this “museum” is so much more than that. In today’s “Mid-America Science Museum Review,” I’m going to tell you exactly why it is one of the best kid-friendly things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The Mid-America Science Museum has also been named one of the Best Hot Springs Arkansas Family Vacation Ideas by All About Arkansas.

Mid-America Science Museum Review

A pioneer in hands-on science learning, Mid-America Science Museum has been a resource for innovative STEM education since its opening in 1979. Serving as a unique destination for generations of families for 40 years, Mid-America Science Museum continues to provide an escape for curious minds of all ages. 

Located less than a mile from Hot Springs National Park, Mid-America Science Museum is surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. 

Mid America Science Museum
fun things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Geared toward all ages

One of my favorite things about the Mid-America Science Museum is that it isn’t just for kids. This is a place where people of all ages can learn, explore, and have a wonderful time.

When we have visited, I know I have just as much fun as our kids. In fact, the last time we were there, my husband and I were mesmerized by a huge water display in the center of the museum.

You could try to balance foam balls on top of fountains of water or send foam balls flying up a shoot to the second floor. Our kids were having a great time placing with the water and the foam balls. We always made sure they had a full supply of them by sending them through chutes to different places.

Kid-friendly activities in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Image by Ben Landers from Pixabay

Hands-On Learning

As a homeschooling mom, I know that my kids learn best with hands-on activities. That’s why I bought my 4-year-old an abacus. He loves math and I knew an abacus would provide a hands-on way for him to visualize math.

The Mid-America Science Museum provides excellent hands-on learning experiences in many areas of science. For example, my young daughter created a 30-second stop-animation film using their manipulatives and a computer.

Spacious Facility

With two levels, a sky walk, a light bridge, and spacious outdoor areas, you will never feel crowded at the Mid-America Science Museum!

Outdoor Play

The Mid-America Science Museum provides plenty of outdoor areas for children and adults to exercise and play. One of our favorite spaces is the rope trampoline!

Mid America Science Museum Review
Mid America Science Museum. Photo by All About Arkansas. All rights reserved.

And the rope bridge.

Mid America Science Museum Review - rope bridge
Mid-America Science Museum. Photo by All About Arkansas. All rights reserved.

Mid-America also has a DinoTrek.

The newest permanent addition to Mid-America Science Museum is the Oaklawn Foundation DinoTrek. Arkansas’ first permanent outdoor dinosaur exhibit, guests may now hike among the dinosaurs dispersed throughout the museum’s 21-wooded acre outdoor landscape.

Mid America Science Museum

Mid-America Science Museum Review

The Mid-America Science Museum is a family favorite of ours in Hot Springs. I hope you won’t miss it!

Also, don’t miss the gift shop! We picked up a wooden tangram set that my kids love.

While you’re in Hot Springs, be sure to check a few things off your EPIC Arkansas Bucket List!

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