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Rooster Poot, Arkansas – Is it real?

There are many weird Arkansas town names but Rooster Poot, Arkansas tops the charts. Is it real?

Craig O’Neill, the popular newscaster at KTHV in Little Rock, has claimed in the past that he’s from Rooster Poot, Arkansas.

According to sources, Craig O’Neill (whose real name is Randy Hankins) is actually from Warren, Arkansas.

But, the question still lingers. Is Rooster Poot, Arkansas a real place?

As an Arkansas native, I have never heard of a real town known as Rooster Poot.

We have a lot of weird Arkansas town names and even funny Arkansas town names like Toad Suck, Goobertown, and Monkey Run but, the truth is, Rooster Poot is a fictious town.

Rooster Poot Arkansas
This Rooster would probably like to live in Rooster Poot. Photo by Vickie Gray

From all of my research (which I admit was WAY too much on this one topic), Rooster Poot, Arkansas is a made-up town in one of Craig O’Neill’s past skits.

Now, I have no idea which skit it was. If you know, drop me a comment!

Until then, you should read this article about Toad Suck, Arkansas: The True Story of Toad Suck, Arkansas.

You’ll like it.

P.S. Toad Suck is a real place!

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