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Conway Arkansas Vacation – Things To Do

Recently, we were feeling a little stir crazy so we decided to take a mini-vacation to nearby Conway, Arkansas.

Conway isn’t a far drive for us but it’s a town that we still haven’t explored very much.

We decided to book a hotel with a pool and see what Conway had to offer.

Conway’s strong community spirit, high-performing schools and colleges, family friendly recreation, and vibrant economy continue to attract visitors, residents, and businesses to the city. This quality of life has made Conway one of the top five fastest growing cities in Arkansas.


I’ll share with you the awesome things we found to do, a tasty kid-friendly restaurant and a museum with a hidden secret upstairs.

Things To Do In Conway, Arkansas

Let’s start with a tasty place to eat that’s also kid-friendly.

That place is JJ’s Grill of Conway.

It’s a bar and grill atmosphere. The food is great and you get a free kids meal with every adult meal you purchase.

JJ's Grill Conway Arkansas

This is BIG news for our family of five. It can be difficult for all of us to eat out together because the prices are usually horrdendous.

I’m not paying $12.99 for a kids meal. I’m just not.

So, JJ’s Grill is the perfect place to have an economical family meal and a lot of fun!

Best Museum in Conway

While we were on our mini-vacation, we took a chance and stopped by the Faulkner County Museum.

We knew it could go one of two ways. It could either be very boring and stuffy or fun and unique.

Guess what? It was fun and unique!

Faulkner County Museum - things to do in Conway

We enjoyed learning about the history of Faulkner County even though we aren’t from there.

We even read the history of Toad Suck even though the information is debatable.

Read the True Story of Toad Suck here.

The real prize is upstairs.

We spent almost two hours upstairs because of the massive, working, model train set!

The train set depicts areas of Faulkner County at different times and I promise you it’s mesmerizing.

Faulkner County Museum train set

There are multiple working trains, lights, sounds, farm animals, tunnels and so much more.

Before you leave the museum, take a look at all the flowers outside (if you’re there in the summer). The gardens are labeled so you know the names of the beautiful flowers you are looking at.

Faulkner County Museum Arkansas flower garden

We enjoyed watching all the bees fly from flower to flower.

Best Place for Kids in Conway

If you’re visiting Conway in the summer, you’ll want to stop by the Laurel Park Splash Pad.

I have never (and I mean NEVER) seen a splash pad like this before.

It’s incredible!

Laurel Park Splash Pad Arkansas

It’s wheelchair accessible, has covered picnic tables and public restrooms and even has a large playground beside it.

There are about 50 ways to get wet at this splash pad which is perfect on the 100°F days in Arkansas!

Best Flea Market in Conway

We stopped by several flea markets in Conway and my favorite by far was the Small Towne Shoppes.”

It was large, had nice wide aisles for our stroller and had so many unique things to look at that we ended up spending a ton of time in there!

What makes this flea market unique is the fun scavenger hunt they do.

Take a look at the front door before you enter. There will be a photo of an item posted. If you find that item, you get a discount on your purchase!

It was a fun game but, sadly, we never found the hidden item. I’ll be trying again one day because I don’t give up easily!

More Things To Do

Obviously there are a lot of things to do in Conway. This is just a quick overview.

We had a fun mini-vacation and we left exhausted! I can’t wait to go back.

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